Psychopaths are tricky business. They look, sound, and act the same as the rest of us. Nothing is further from the truth. Whether a full blown psychopath or someone who has a good dose of traits from The Spectrum,  you need to be careful. Remember, the psychopath doesn’t care . . . but you do.

1. NEVER TRUST A PSYCHOPATH. Hallmarks of psychopathy are the ability to lie, fake human emotions, manipulate others . . . and not care. Trust is always at your own risk.

2. NEVER TALK ABOUT RIGHT OR WRONG. Those concepts are not in a psychopath’s vocabulary. He or she knows the difference but doesn’t care.

3. NEVER ARGUE. A psychopath always has to be on top and he or she will do anything to “win.” Pitting people against each other is one of his favorite tools. You don’t want to find yourself arguing with the entire office or neighborhood. Just ignore any challenge, whether he’s right or wrong.

4. NEVER TRY TO CHANGE A PSYCHOPATH. The only result will be a “change” that benefits him or her – never you.

5. NEVER SHOW YOUR REAL EMOTIONS. Psychopaths are particularly skilled at manipulating others. If you show your real emotions you will probably expose vulnerabilities that a psychopath can dive in and take full advantage. Right or wrong doesn’t factor here – only power and control. That makes you a potential target.

6. NEVER SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION. Avoid talking about friends, family, business, dreams, and goals. It’s too much information to give a vulture without empathy who will use it for his or her own needs.

7. NEVER LET YOUR BUTTONS BE PUSHED. Psychopaths love to get you stirred up on things that count to you . . . not to him or her. Once a psychopath knows your vulnerabilities he or she will take full advantage. Fun for him, not for you.

8. NEVER BLAME OBVIOUS PROBLEMS ON YOURSELF. Studies have shown that most non-psychopathic people blame themselves for problems not the psychopath who started everything. That’s human nature – we can’t imagine a creature without conscience or empathy – so we assume it has to be our fault. Think again.

9. NEVER TRY TO REFORM A PSYCHOPATH. It’s not going to happen. With lack of conscience, no empathy, and rampant narcissism, a psychopath will never see (or care about) the need to change. Don’t even try.

10. DON’T BEFRIEND A PSYCHOPATH. They will always disappoint you. Instead, avoid as much contact as possible. You might care but they never will!

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