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By Dr. Jeri Fink

Last meals are tricky. What would you choose? Your favorite dessert? How about the expensive Kobe steak you could never afford? Maybe it would be a seafood extravaganza, complete with lobster, shrimp, and clams or something simple like a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries?

Fortunately, few of us will ever have to make that decision. However, when it comes to Death Row Inmates it’s probably the last thing they’ll ever control. What would a murderer choose? A serial killer? How about one of those grisly psychopaths who collect souvenirs from their victims?

Below are seven infamous Death Row inmates. Can you guess their last meal before execution? You might be very surprised.

1. Timothy McVeigh was the most infamous domestic terrorist in the U.S – responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people. He was executed by lethal injection in Indiana, 2001. Can you guess what he chose for his last meal?

a. T-bone steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and cornbread
b. Captain Crunch cereal, milk, and a chocolate chip muffin
c. Two pints of chocolate chip mint ice cream
d. A McFlurry shake with M&M’s from McDonald’s

2. John Gacy, The Killer Clown, murdered and raped over 33 people. He was executed by lethal injection in Illinois, 1994. What did he choose?

a. Full rack of ribs with spicy barbecue sauce, two servings of fried pickles, and French fries
b. One dozen fried shrimp, a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken original recipe, one pound of strawberries
c. Wonton soup, chicken Chow Mein, fried rice, 4 eggrolls, and 12 Chinese spareribs
d. Two Whoppers, fries, onion rings, and 3 cans of Dr. Pepper

3. William Bonin, The Freeway Killer, tortured, raped, and killed up to 44 teenage boys. He was executed by lethal injection in California, 1996. What were his strange last meal requests?

a. Two pepperoni and sausage pizzas, 3 servings of chocolate ice cream, 3 six-packs of Coca Cola and Pepsi.
b. Four California sushi rolls, shrimp tempura, 2 servings of green tea ice cream
c. Four lamb chops, a jar of mint jelly, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie
d. One pound of pasta with white clam sauce, garlic knots, 3 servings of veal parmigiana

4. Aileen Wuornos shot and killed over 7 people. She was best known for her statement, “I’ve hated humans for a long time.” Wuornos was executed by lethal injection in Florida, 2002. What did she savor?

a. Banana split
b. Cup of black coffee
c. Strawberry cheesecake
d. Apple pie a la mode

5. David Leon Woods, stabbed and murdered a 77-year old man in 1984. He was arrested the same day of the crime and executed by lethal injection in Indiana, 2007. Can you figure out his choice?

a. Lasagna and chocolate cream pie
b. Ribeye steak with gravy and baked potato
c. Fried chicken and jelly donuts
d. Sausage pizza and a birthday cake

6. Gary Michael Heidnik, House of Horrors Killer, kidnapped, tortured, cannibalized, and raped 6 women, murdering 2 of them in the basement of his Philadelphia home. He was executed by lethal injection in Pennsylvania, 1999. What were his final choices?

a. Four Nathan’s hotdogs, 2 Philly cheesesteaks, a bottle of root beer
b. Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic knots, Diet Coke
c. Two chicken pot pies, 3 pastrami sandwiches, 4 glasses of chocolate milk
d. Two slices of cheese pizza, 2 cups of coffee

7. Delbert Teague, Jr. was convicted of one murder, two attempted murders, kidnapping, and sexual assault. His last statement was, “today is a good day for dying.” Teague was executed by lethal injection in Texas, 1998. Which simple last meal did he select?

a. Cheeseburger
b. Corn dog
c. Popcorn shrimp
d. Rice and beans

Answers: 1c, 2b, 3a, 4b, 5d, 6d, 7a

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